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Make innovative designs of high end and high-quality gold jewellery convenient to shop from anywhere with the best-in-class service, fast delivery, and transparency.


To become the most innovative and customer-centric light weight jewellery brand of india with a strong digital presence.


100% transparency in weights, Quality, ad Customer-Centric.


Welcome to our realm of exquisite jewellery, where every piece we offer bears the legacy of our captivating journey. Let us take you through the tale of our Marwadi Jain family, where dreams, dedication, and innovation converge in a tapestry of brilliance.

Roots in Rajasthan

Imagine a quaint town in Rajasthan named Birantiya. It was here, around 250 years ago, that our ancestors embarked on a journey as wool and cotton traders. From these humble beginnings, destiny called upon us to carve our path to the south.

Setting Foot in Hyderabad

The story takes a turn as Nihalchand ji Alijar, one of our forefathers, chose to explore the lands of southern India. Itwas in the vibrant city of Hyderabad that he laid the foundation for our journey, shaping the destiny of generations to come.

From Traders to Entrepreneurs

Fast forward almost 180 years, and our family’s roots in Hyderabad grew stronger. We not only established one of the first money lending shops in Secunderabad, but also ventured into the world of silver craftsmanship with the birth of Uttam Jewellers.

A Legacy Carved in Silver and Gold

Through unwavering dedication and the labour of countless generations, our family business blossomed. Today, our legacy spans several stores, each lovingly nurtured by a different family member. With pride, we can say that our family business has stood the test of time for 8-11 generations, serving cherished clients across multiple generations.
Where Dreams Sparkle:
Panna Jewellers and Panna Jewellers Exclusive
In the heart of the city, on MG Road in Secunderabad, stands Panna Jewellers Exclusive. This glittering treasure trove not only showcases a breathtaking array of designs but also boasts an exquisite bridal jewellery collection that leaves hearts aflutter.

Meet the Visionaries

Mahender Kumar: A Guiding Force

Meet Mr. Vimalchand Mahender Kumar, the torchbearer of our legacy. Joining the jewellery business at the tender age of 16, he was instrumental in elevating Panna Jewellers to its resplendent heights. Guided by values of customer trust and product transparency, he introduced novel concepts like Turkish designs in the 2000s, followed by Pachi designs in 2008, Kundan jewellery in the 2010s, and Lightweight jewellery in 2020. It’s his commitment that sets our store leagues apart from the rest.

Shashank Alijar: The Creative Dynamo

Then there’s Shashank Alijar, our Chief Operating Officer, a gemmology and diamond grading graduate from the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad. Armed with this knowledge, he brought precious and semi-precious beads and stones to our Kundan and Pachi jewellery. With a heart ablaze for Polki and Diamond jewellery, every festive season sees him unveiling a new collection of bridal and delicate pieces. His passion and creativity infuse life into every cherished design you admire.

A Glittering Future

And so, Our journey unfolds – a saga of heritage and innovation of gems and dreams.With everypiece of jewellery we craft, we carry forward the legacy of our Marwadi-Jain family,from the rustic trading paths of Rajasthan to the shimmering avenues of Hyderabad. This is our story, a story of sparkle handed down through the ages.